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LIVES North Hykeham First Responders Welcomes You!

About Us & What We Do...

LIVES North Hykeham First Responders are all volunteers who give up their time to respond to emergencies in our area. When you dial 999 not only will an ambulance be mobilised, but at the same time, the LIVES volunteers on call in Hykeham will also receive notification that you need their help. The East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) that serves our County is extremely busy, and these extra minutes can be vital to a patient. In extreme circumstances this could mean the difference between life and death.
Where we have an on duty Responder, LIVES aims to be by your side within 5 - 6 minutes of you making that 999 call.
When the LIVES First Responder reaches you, they are trained and equipped to provide care to the patient whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive. All ‘Level 2’ First Responders in our group provide emergency care to an adult with cardiac arrest, breathing difficulties, chest pains, collapsing, diabetic problems and fits. More experienced ‘Level 3’ First Responders undergo further training to allow them to deal with all of the above conditions in children as well as adults, and patients with traumatic injuries.